Savor Self-Care This Valentine’s Day!

Taylor Lucas, MRH Dietetic Intern

What does self-care mean to you? Self-care is a highly individual practice that focuses on being present in the moment and creating happiness within oneself. It means seeking out the calm amid our crazy, fast-paced lives. Self-care can mean hitting a hard workout for one person or climbing into bed for a nap for another. Ask yourself what makes you forget about all of your life stressors and allows you to enjoy the here and now. What is something that empowers you to listen to your breath?

No matter the circumstances, it is so important to take a timeout for yourself to just “be.” Below is a list of ways to practice self-care. I encourage you to adopt some of these techniques or write down your own versions. Challenge yourself to complete at least one self-care act for every day this Valentine’s Day week. Remember, these shouldn’t feel like a chore. Choose one or more of these examples, or create your own to find stillness and tranquility.

  • Take your dog or family for a long, peaceful walk in nature

  • Light a candle and take a dimly lit bubble bath

  • Meditate

  • Put on your most comfy pajamas and get cozy under a blanket with some tea

  • Get a professional massage

  • Blare some music and go for a drive with no destination in mind

  • Buy a few houseplants and create a beautiful corner in your home for them

  • Turn on ambient music, empty your mind and listen to your breath

  • Watch the sunset/sunrise

  • Bake some cookies from scratch

  • Tend to your garden

  • Read a book

  • Go outside and soak up the sun

  • Walk barefoot in the yard and feel the grass under your feet (after all the snow melts!)

  • Put on a face mask and lounge in your robe

  • Exercise or do some yoga

  • Cook a healthy, balanced meal

  • Journal your thoughts

  • Log out of all social media for the day

  • Turn off the news

  • Do some deep breathing exercises

  • Take an afternoon nap

  • Indulge yourself in a hobby

  • Clean or organize a room/drawer/closet in your house

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