Be Sensible About Salt With Kids

You might be cutting down on sodium in your to benefit your heart or blood pressure, but did you know that 90% of kids also overeat salty foods? Because taste preferences (including salt) are often formed early in life, it's important as parents or other caregivers that we are aware of how much sodium is in many of the foods our kids eat. While it might be easy to blame school lunch or restaurants, that only contributes about 10% and 23% of the sodium that kids eat each day, respectively. Most of the sodium (about 58%) comes from foods purchased at the grocery.

In honor of American Heart Month, the American Heart Association put together a list of the "Salty Six for Kids." Are there areas where you could help cut back by preparing more foods or by purchasing lower sodium options?

#salt #feedingkids #kids #processedfoods #hearthealth

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