Don't Let Winter Get You Off Track!

The upcoming cold weather might make you want to consider hibernation, but staying active during the winter months is good for the body and brain. Here are some suggestions to keep your healthy activity habits, even when the weather is a little frightful.

1) Find the light. It's getting dark early, I get it. I'm an evening exerciser, so this is something that I have to deal with frequently. If you choose to workout outside after dark, be sure to wear reflective clothing and a headlamp. You can also consider switching to a morning workout during the winter months.

2) Get indoors. Inclement weather can make even the most dedicated exerciser less motivated. Consider more indoor locations, such as treadmills, gyms, or the YMCA for your next workout. Meet up with a workout buddy; it will make you more accountable! Don't forget about the Winter Walking Program starting in January here in Logan County!

3) All activity counts. Fitting workouts into busy days or when you lack motivation can feel like a chore. If this is the case, think about ways to be more active during your daily activities. Take the stairs, walk briskly around a store before you leave, shovel the snow, clean your house, or look for online indoor workouts or fitness DVDs you can do at home. One of my YouTube favorites is FitnessBlender.

4) Exercise safely. If you do decide to brave the elements, play it safe. Here are some winter exercise safety tips from the Military Health System and

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