Could You Use a Better Routine?

Everybody has a daily routine, to some extent. It may be the time you get up, how long it takes you to get ready, or when you have to be at work. But do you still feel stressed out in the morning and find yourself rushing around to get stuff done? I was the same way! One thing that worked for me was to utilize time the night before to cut down on morning stress. I lay out my outfit, get my lunch packed, and get my gym bag ready to go. What works for you?

Let’s talk about routine, and how improving yours might lead to better health and less stress.

We've all been there--you forgot to pack your lunch, or all your shirts are in the dirty laundry. By getting all the necessities together the night before, it cuts down on frantically rushing around, and your day starts on a better note. You could even try scheduling days during the week to do laundry or specific house chores.

Be an early riser. No one likes getting up early, but if you struggle with getting things accomplished at night, consider getting up 15-30 minutes earlier. If you have children, getting up before they do so you can get yourself ready before they wake up. It will allow you to start the day more calmly and you’ll be prepared to devote your full attention when the kids need your help.

Use routine to create more family time. This can be helpful if you have kids. If they are able, have them help you pack their school lunches or help get things together to make supper. This teaches them to be independent and allows more time for other pressing activities.

You’ll sleep better. I struggle to fall asleep if I have a lot on my plate and I don't schedule my to-do list out for the week. It’s even worse if I didn't sleep well the night before. By making sure I get something done every night, I can get a good night's sleep and accomplish things on time.

Build better habits. This can improve eating or exercise habits, or just better habits in general. Last week I mentioned the benefits of meal prepping--this goes right along with that. Feeling less rushed equals better meal choices or habits for a healthier you.

You’ll be less forgetful. By having things laid out the night before, you are less likely to forget things. You are better prepared at what the day may bring.

Save time in the long run. Establishing a routine allows more time to get other things done that are higher on your priority list than the usual mundane everyday tasks.

Of course, life happens, and sometimes a set schedule has to be changed. However, creating a more in-depth routine allows for day-to-day tasks to be less stressful. Set a basic framework for the week and help keep your sanity in check!

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