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Tomorrow (October 11th) is National Depression Screening Day. While depression may not carry the same stigma that it used to, it is still the leading cause of disability in the U.S. for people ages 15-44. It affects more than 15 million adults, yet only about half of them receive treatment for it. Worse yet, only 1/5 receive the help that is up to the most current treatment guidelines. Getting help works--up to 80% see improvement in their symptoms relatively quickly (4-6 weeks). Veterans are at especially increased risk for depression.

Teens can be depressed too. About 20% of teens will develop depression during this time, and 30% of those with depression will turn to substance abuse to cope. It is more common in girls than boys, and depression can often to lead to dire consequences, including self-harm and eating disorders. Unfortunately, only about 60% of teens will ever receive help dealing with their depression.

Take a moment to check yourself by taking this anonymous online screening quiz.

Are you depressed or know someone who is? Check out these resources.

Mental Health Screening

National Alliance on Mental Illness

Depression and Bipolar Alliance


Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Veterans Crisis Line

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