Got Contacts? Advice for Healthy Eyes

An estimated 45 million Americans wear contact lenses. I'm one of them. They are so comfortable that I often don't remember I have them in. Keeping your contact lenses healthy is essential, even if you don't think about them on a daily basis. One study showed that almost half of those who wear contacts don’t take proper care of them. Not caring for your lenses can have serious consequences! Since 2006 there have been three outbreaks of severe eye infections related to contact lens wear.

August 20-24th is Contact Lens Health Week. Here is some advice from the CDC on keeping your eyes in tip-top shape!

Healthy Eye Habits

• Wash your hands before you touch your contact lenses • Don’t fall asleep in your contacts unless you have specialized lenses that allow you do to that. • Keep water away from your contact lenses—don’t wear them when swimming. • If you wear the same pair every day, keep them clean by using lens disinfecting solution to clean them. Do not use water to clean your contacts. • Don’t store your contacts in water-store them in a solution sold specifically for contact lens storage. • Replace them when prescribed by your doctor. • Keep your case clean by rinsing it with contact lens solution (not water) and then dry with a clean tissue. The CDC recommends storing your case upside down with the lids off between uses. • Get a new case at least every three months. • Use only “fresh” disinfecting solution in your case. Don’t top off an old bottle with a new solution. • Ask your eye doctor what contact lens solution he/she recommends. • If you experience eye pain, redness, or blurred vision, remove your contacts and call your optometrist. • Be prepared with a backup pair of glasses at all times.

Need the science behind these recommendations? Check it out here!

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