Just Say No To a Post-Vacation Detox Diet

There’s nothing like a good vacation to renew the body and the soul. I was away last week in South Carolina, enjoying the beach and some great seafood. While it might be tempting to start a post-vacation "detox" or cleanse, it's not necessary to be this extreme. Instead, focus on gently returning to your normal habits and you'll feel like yourself in no time. Here are some tips.

  1. Healthy Hydration: Airplane trips can leave you dehydrated, and often, we drink more alcohol than usual when we are on a trip. Reduce alcohol consumption back to your normal, moderate level as soon as you return home, and ditch soda and sweetened beverages.

  2. Get Back to Basics: After a week of heavy foods, I was happy to return to my daily green salad at lunch. Make half your plate fruits and vegetables, and

stick to lean protein and whole grain choices.

  1. Move More: We were pretty active walking on vacation, but the heat kept me from my normal running routine. Get back to your usual exercise schedule as soon as possible.

  2. Home Cooking: When you are on vacation, it’s normal to eat out more frequently than you do at home. When you return home, commit to eating in for a few days. You’ll save calories, and money too.

  3. Realistic Expectations: If you gained 5 pounds on vacation, don’t panic. Unless you ate 17,500 calories more than you burned on vacation (that’s a LOT of shrimp), this is unlikely to be real weight gain. Much could be water weight from saltier restaurant foods, and it will come off in a few days.

  4. Be Kind: Be kind to yourself with exercise, a balanced diet, get enough sleep, and let the stress management benefits that come with vacation continue for weeks to come!

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