Two Words to Live By

The New Year is an excellent time to reflect back on memories, accomplishments, and things for which we are grateful. It could also be a time to move forward and find areas of improvement, which often involve making changes. We all know that change is hard, but we sometimes neglect to realize how long it can take to make a change or to establish a new habit. Please be PATIENT and CONSISTENT! Patience is hard to come by in the fast-paced world in which we live. Dial-up internet anyone? No thanks.

We also need consistency to make the new change a habit. Most people don’t have to think much about the drive home to work, brushing your teeth, or tying shoes. How long does it take for something to become automatic? This likely varies from person to person and depends on the new task/change. I have a great appreciation for musicians because learning to play the guitar, for example, would take me A LOT of practice (patience and consistency would be crucial to success). It might help to get lessons and set specific blocks of time on my calendar to designate when to practice.

In summary, try not to expect quick results, be positive and remember that small changes can lead to BIG results.

#change #habits #resolutions

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