Keep up The Movement Momentum

The summer and fall are perfect for getting outdoors. Activities and projects seem never-ending whether it’s yard work (endless mowing of grass) or something physical such as enjoying a walk, bike ride or playing ball. As the yard work and other activities slow down how will you maintain your activity? We know the importance of movement to improve our mental and physical well being so let’s keep that up year long. The cooler fall air is ideal for a brisk walk, but how about finding time for resistance training as well?

Let’s start with push-ups and chair stands. The easiest way to perform a push-up is to start with wall push-ups. Once those get too easy, then, try kneeling push ups with hands on a sturdy elevated surface such as a bench or even your living room sofa. Next, try a bench push up from your toes. As you continue to lower your hand placement, the more challenging the push up becomes. First work towards using good form and performing several repetitions then consider working towards a floor push-up if you desire a greater challenge.

Next, we have chair stands. Just like it sounds, this exercise involves sitting in a sturdy chair than standing and repeat. This movement will target muscles in your legs. Choose a chair with arm rests for additional help standing up. If using the arm rest is too easy don’t use the arm rests and only use your leg muscles as you stand. Perhaps setting a small, realistic goal such as to perform ten reps of each exercise twice per week is a good place to start. If only performing two exercises sound too easy then what are you waiting for? First form a habit of setting aside time for that new practice, then build from there.

Keep moving!

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