Forget About Being Perfect!

Hello! My name is Abbey. I would first like to share a little about myself. Professionally, I am a Registered Dietitian and ACSM Certified Personal Trainer. I plan to write about various health topics in the upcoming months to encourage and motivate each of you to improve wellness. I work at Mary Rutan Hospital as an outpatient dietitian. In the past, I have worked with clients on individualized exercise plans and have led group exercise classes. I enjoy many activities, especially, volleyball, running, swimming, cooking and trying new recipes. I also spend much of my time raising a family.

I have participated in several 5k's, 10k's and a few half-marathons. I consider myself an average athlete with future goals to complete a triathlon. Activities are things I enjoy whether physical, playing board games or just spending time with family. I also love to cook for my family and find it very rewarding when using ingredients from our garden. Preserving the food by canning and freezing seems tedious at first, but I have concluded that it is well worth it too. I like working with clients in various areas related to nutrition. I especially like guiding people towards healthy approaches when feeding their families and also hope to inspire people to utilize resources the best way possible. Reducing food waste is one thing we all can work on to help our environment and save money.

Forget About Being Perfect

Do you ever find yourself going back and forth between good and bad eating days? One day all your meal choices are healthy, and even exercise is going great then the next day all your choices are unhealthy. Why is it that for some people one ‘bad’ meal can set off the entire day, week or month?

Deep down we know what type of fuel our body needs but listening to that is easier said than done and takes some skill in something called intuitive eating. Imagine a world where food is just food, neither good nor bad. This component of intuitive eating takes some time and talking back to negative thoughts, but I hope it is possible for anyone that struggles with this to make peace with all types of food.

Consider how it can take lots of time and effort to change habits, and when highly motivated, one may make several changes all at once. Over a period all those changes (‘good’ days) become exhausting and could lead to a string of ‘bad’ days due to inability to realistically maintain those changes. This “all or nothing” mentality turns into a roller coaster of habits and emotions that often result in low self-esteem and take you back to the starting line.

So, to overcome this attitude let’s forget to be perfect. We are only human. We can and WILL make mistakes. It’s how you respond to that slip that makes the difference. Get back to giving your body what it craves at the NEXT opportunity. No need to wait until next week. Also, try to change only one habit at a time. For example, if pop is your kryptonite and quitting cold turkey hasn’t worked in the past, consider trying a different, more gradual approach.

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