Fair Food Without A Side of Guilt

It just wouldn't be summer without the Logan County Fair Along with the displays, entertainment, and enthusiastic 4-H’ers, the fair features food (and a LOT of it)! From cotton candy to fried tenderloin, you don’t usually think health at the fair, but you don’t have to stay home! It IS possible to go and enjoy these treats without a heaping side of guilt.

Join me in the MRH Entertainment Tent on Thursday, July 12th from 11 am-1 pm, and eat a rainbow of healthy and delicious summer fruits!

Arrive early. You’ll be less tempted by heavy foods like fries in the morning.

Walk the fairgrounds first. In addition to being active, you’ll be able to scan all of the food booths before you order. Over the course of the day, try to select 2 or 3 where you will eat.

Eat something before you go. Arriving very hungry will make EVERYTHING look good. Try to eat at least a snack even a light meal before you pass through the gates. If you know you’re planning to indulge, keep that meal as healthy as possible with lean protein, fruits, and veggies.

Keep water handy. Even if it’s overcast and muggy, hydration is still important. Carry a water bottle with you.

Share the treats. Remember that the first bites and the last bites of items are the most memorable. Split funnel cakes, onion rings, cotton candy, or fries. You’ll still get the taste of the treat without undoing your Healthy Habits.

Keep eating mindful. Fair food is delicious. It is. So enjoy it! Even if it's a portable "food on a stick," instead of walking while eating, sit down and enjoy. Check in with your hunger and fullness signals frequently. And remember, it takes about 20 minutes for your brain and stomach to get together and decide if you are full or not. Take time between each opportunity to eat so that internal conversation can catch up.

Join us in the MRH Entertainment tent all week for important health screenings. Here is the schedule of events!

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