It's Website Wednesday!

Kindness--we do it for others, we tell our children to practice it, but how often are we kind to ourselves? This week's Website Wednesday is Kind Over Matter. From Lara Heacock, Executive Life Coach, Kind over Matter's mission is to help people feel more engaged in life, make time for self-care, set healthy boundaries, and finally accept that they are "enough."

What I love most about this website.

I love the Monday Motivators--you can subscribe to them via email! This week's post was about how to give to others without burning yourself out. Do you ever feel like you say yes to everything? Does it feel like all work and no fun?

I also love the Kind Kindred--guest bloggers offer advice and reflection on everything from happiness to self-care, journaling, yoga, and forgiveness.

What you might love!

Check out the "free compliments" tear off sheets. I've been putting these up for two years at work, and they are always empty by the end of the month. What a great way to brighten a co-worker's day! There are also free printable Valentine's and ideas for brightening up the break room at work.

#kindness #websitewednesday

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