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Has that salad dressing you're about to toss really gone bad? What about that unopened jar of pickles? Is milk still good past the date printed on the package? What about that 5-year-old bottle of vanilla extract? If you're like me (and almost every other American), you've probably thrown out food that was safe to eat. In fact, the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) estimates that up to 40% of food grown/produced is never eaten. Reducing our food waste, even by 1/3 could eliminate the problem of hunger in our country.

But what about those confusing dates on packages? What do they mean? Is it a taste thing? Do you risk food poisoning by eating food past its expiration date?

Enter your new go-to resource for these answers. Still Tasty: Your Ultimate Shelf Life Guide.

Is that cheese with a little bit of mold on it safe to eat? Still Tasty answers that question here. Do strawberries mold quickly in your refrigerator? It could be how you’re storing them. Check out recommendations on produce storage here.

And that ancient bottle of vanilla extract? It lasts almost indefinitely, as do honey, sugar, maple syrup, and more. Check out the list of "Foods that last forever" here!

I’ll address the best buy, sell by, and use by dates in a future blog post, as they are confusing and often lead to perfectly good food being tossed. Still Tasty is a great resource to answer questions that can extend the shelf life of your groceries, and save you money.

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